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A realm of untold desires...

...my best back-pocket secrets

Back-pocket Secrets
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Hmm... it would seem you have stumbled upon my secret blog. You might find it ironic that I call it a secret blog , being that ostensibly the whole world can read it. But it is secret because no one that I know personally knows about it, not even my closest friends.

This page is called untold desires for a reason. This is a page where all of my untold desires, my back-pocket secrets, are told. Things that I simply can't tell people I know in the physical world. For instance, as I type this, I kid you not, I am totally nude. Largely this is a page for erotic secrets, but also dark secrets- my deep pains, my inner emotions. Needless to say, this page is a little more than PG-13. If you wish to leave, then please, do so. But if you are intrigued, then speaking as a spider to a fly, welcome to my parlor.

I suppose you would wish to know a little about me. And I suppose I might fill you in to an extent. As my profile states, I am male (although I have occasional boughts of gender dysphoria.) I am, for the most part, homosexual. I say "for the most part" because I am hardly attracted to women in any sexual manner, but if for some reason I were to be attracted to a woman I would not hesitate to attempt to form a relationship with her simply because of her sex. I suppose you might call me pansexual, then.

I am young, perhaps underage, or perhaps not. I will tell you that I am currently in school. Whether high school or college is up for you to decide. My body is far from perfect, but am not overweight. I often find myself wishing I had more muscle, but that doesn't stop me from running my hands all over my body.

I am attracted to many types of men. I am a very sexual person. I enjoy both hairy and hairless men, fit men and men of size. Younger men and older men. If you are interested in chatting with me in an erotic nature, chances are I am also interested. Feel free to approach me on MSN.

All that being said, enter if you dare...